Weird Fitness Questions You May Have Asked

Why does my pee smell after I eat asparagus? What’s the deal with corn? What’s the meaning of life? These are some weird fitness questions that those just starting to workout may have… minus the meaning of life part 😛

When you just start your transformation journey you may notice some ‘weird’ things that start happening. NOW, they aren’t bad but sometimes it just catches you off guard.

Below we decided to have a bit of fun and answer some of those weird and wacky fitness questions that you may have.


What is that stitch in my side when I run?


I’ve written about this in the past before if you want to learn more about it (HERE) but to sum it up it’s accessory breathing muscles that are getting fatigued. When you are just starting to do more cardio or more intense cardio you use muscles (mostly the diaphragm) to help keep you breathe or keep your breathing rhythm. Those muscles WILL get fatigued, just like any muscle, and what your feeling is the fatigued muscle pulling on the ligaments they are associated with which is what your feeling with the ‘stitch’. As you get in better ‘cardio’ shape that happens less and less over time.


Why does my pee smell after I eat asparagus?

When you eat certain veggies, or any food of that manner when the body starts digesting it will break down the amino acids into sulfurous smelly chemicals; this is what gives your urine that smell afterward. You may notice this happens with garlic as well.

Completely common and normal so no worries it’s not weird.


Why do I yawn when I lift weights?

There are many theories on why this is but the most widely accepted is that it’s helping transport more oxygen to your brain because during intense bouts of exercise oxygen is being used elsewhere in the body (the muscles). Sometime you may have noticed that during workouts you get ‘jock brain’ and have trouble with simple task such as “how many sets?” “what’s 2+2?” “how do I life again?” hahaha. This is just because your body is using majority of the oxygen and your brain yawns to keep some for itself so you don’t don’t dumb out too much 😛


Why do my legs itch when I do cardio?

Two common reasons for this:

  1. You haven’t worked out in a long time so when the tiny blood vessels near your skin (capillaries) start becoming active or dilating again this sends a signal to the brain that is similar to itching. This is very common for those that haven’t worked out in a long time but it does go away.
  2. Same concept as above but as your body heats up and starts to sweat your skin becomes more sensitive and can become more aware of irritants on the body such as lotions, fabric or anything.


What is the deal about corn and poo?

I debated on including this but I’ve come to realize that some people, fit or not, just aren’t sure of this answer. The outer layer of a corn kernel is made up of predominantly cellulose which does not break apart easily when chewed or digested so it passes through the body pretty much whole. What was digested and absorbed by the body was the inside of the kernel just not the outside; so what you are seeing the outer shell, not the whole piece.



In Health and Awesomeness,

Travis Merritt, BS, CPT, (and other cool letters behind the name) is the Owner of Rowlett Transformation Center in Rowlett, TX.

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