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Learn which “Rowlett personal trainer approved” menu items that will allow you to enjoy a night out with your friends WITHOUT breaking your nutrition goals.

The Restaurant Cheat Sheet is going to help you:
  • Learn which 30 restaurants are in the local area (Garland, Rowlett, Rockwall) that ACTUALLY have menu items that are friendly for those trying to drop body-fat.

  • We’ve included a calorie, AND macro breakdown (protein, carbs, and fats) of each dish recommended so you know what your eating and you don’t have to guess.

  • Over 90+ different menu items that taste good and won’t leave you feeling deprived… or make your friends uncomfortable, because you’re staring at their plate of nachos.


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To when Eating Out in Rowlett to Help With Weight Loss And Health

About Your Rowlett Fitness Expert

“Diets have ‘ends’ lifestyles don’t”
Travis Merritt

Trainer. Nerd. Business Owner. Dog Lover.

I guess if I had to sum myself up in a few words those would be the words I choose, but I’ll do my best to tell you a bit more about me.

I’m a guy in my 30’s (dated myself didn’t I) that has been a trainer for nearly 20 years now, I’ve received multiple certifications and my degree in Kinesiology… so yeah, I’m a lifer here. All through my years, I’ve helped HUNDREDS of people, like you, achieve goals they never thought possible.

One of the biggest keys to helping anyone achieve the results they want IS food, and let us be real, with what you read online on what to eat can be conflicting and confusing. Low carb, low fat, no carb, no dairy, vegan… no wonder people just give up!

You don’t have to live like a monk off rabbit food and be on an overly restrictive ‘diet’, you can still be social with family and friends, enjoy yourself, and see results; and I hope this cheat sheet will help you in your journey with that.


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