working out with your spouseI’m going to keep this article relatively short.

How do you get your spouse on board with your fitness lifestyle? How do you get them to eat better, workout, and make a change with you?


You don’t.


Hear me out. This sounds callused I know, but you need to remember that you’re doing this for you, not them.

Your spouse didn’t ask to live the lifestyle your choosing to live, so it’s not fair to force them to do something that they didn’t ask to do.

It would be no different than them forcing YOU to live a life that you do not want to live. You wouldn’t like that, maybe even rebel a bit against it, and I’m sure they feel the same.

But, in all seriousness, if you really want to see them live a healthier lifestyle and jump on the fitness bandwagon with you, then you MUST lead by example and get results.

Let them see how much stronger you are becoming, let them see how your losing weight, dropping inches, have more energy, look sexier, and overall live better.

They are going to watch you, maybe even challenge you, but when they see you, a person they see every day, living a better life, they will slowly come around to the idea.

It may take longer for some than others, but…

…again remember you’re doing this for YOU, not them. They will come around when they are ready.






In Health and Awesomeness,

Travis Merritt, BS, CPT, is the Owner of Rowlett Transformation Center in Rowlett, TX.

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