My Pre-workout Hack That Saves Money

  Recently I got this question on Facebook, “Travis, what Pre-Workout do you recommend?” SHEEEEET… that is a loaded question. First off, let me just say that pre-workout is not mandatory for every workout, BUT I do understand that it’s […]

15 Rookie Gym Mistakes

I’ve been in the gym since I was 15 and I’ve seen my fair share of new people come and go. A lot have always made the same mistakes starting out; I get it, we’ve all done it (me especially). […]

13 Lessons of 2013

1. Limit sprinting to no more than two times a week. Sprinting has become one of my new favorite ways to really shed people down and it is virtually one of the few exercises that I have seen that can […]

Some of My Resources

So I had an interesting email from a client the other day asking me for more info and resources so they could learn from. Normally most trainers WON’T give out their resources, because they think if they give out all […]

Acidic Blood?

Yes, this IS a real topic. Blood Acidity… Now, I’m not talking to the extremes that when you bleed a drop of blood, it burns through metal like the sci-fi horror movies would have you believe; Though that would be […]

4 Parts to a Successful Fat Loss Program

Part 1:  NUTRITION   Nutrition – No matter how many times I say this sometimes it still doesn’t through to peoples head, “You can NOT out train a bad diet” Believe me I’ve tried, so your nutrition should be FIRST in […]

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