Push-Ups Can Kill You

No, seriously they can! Don’t believe me?… Well, when you do push-ups correctly they can develop a tight armored plated looking chest that makes you feel like you can withstand a swarm of bullets from a bank robbery. Then, because […]

My Favorite Hamstring Exercise

The Glute-Ham Raise is by FAR one of my favorite exercises not to mention my favorite for posterior chain development. The video here talks about HOW to set this up even if you don’t have access to that piece of […]

Some Intermittent Fasting questions answered

Some questions that I had about IF hope that you read the last IF blog and it may have peaked in your interest, heck maybe you even went a head and ordered Eat Stop Eat (highly recommend it). For today I’m going to go […]

To Eat or Not to Eat

So todays blog had taken me quite some time to write, honestly I must have written the thing a thousand times in my head and a few times on paper scratching it each and every time. Why? Well really this […]

Champion Core Series Level 5

Hard to believe that we are already at level 5! This level is for those that have really gone through and mastered the previous four levels and by this point in time you should notice that you have a significant improvement in your […]

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