What I Would Do…

Ever since I started my diet for my photo shoot I have had a NUMBER of people all of a sudden very interested in how I got so lean so fast, like I was doing some super secret ninja tactic that got me to drop body fat so quickly.

So I decided to write a short blog on EXACTLY what I would do if I had to get ready for any other event and I think you’ll be surprised at HOW simple this can be 🙂

1. First I would get my weight and body fat percentage

You can always find a scale and if you don’t know your body-fat percentage there are plenty of formulas to give you an idea online.

2. Next, I would log at least the last three to five days worth of food on myfitnesspal.com just to see what I was eating on the daily basis so I don’t go in too drastic of a direction.

3. Next, I would use a website to get a starting point of how many calories I would need to eat each day to make sure I’m in a caloric deficit. I personally like www.IIFYM.com calculator. 

Do steps two and three line up pretty accurately?  If no,t go to a mid-line between the two numbers and set that as your caloric goal.

4. Divide up the total calories by the number of meals I have each day.

Some meals will always be higher than others (breakfast is ALWAYS my smallest meal of the day and after a workout is my biggest). I just make sure that I don’t go over my allotted calories and I always re-enter my foods into MyFitnessPal every few days to confirm I’m on track.

5. Set my workout program to include 4-5 days a week of resistance training and 3 days a week of cardio.

Something like:

Sunday: Squat Motion, Sprints

Monday: Push Motion, no cardio

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Pull Motions, Sprints

Friday: Body part of choice, 5K run

Saturday: Rest

6.  Track my weights and reps to make sure that I have numbers to beat for next weeks workout.

I would do follow-ups every two weeks and I would check my body fat and weight to see if there were any changes, then make the adjustments to my diet (Repeat Steps 3 & 4).

Even without any outside help of a trainer or nutritionist,  I’m sure that I, or anyone else, could follow this blueprint and see some DRAMATIC results.

You would have your meal plan that is checked every two weeks and an exercise plan that forces you to beat your previous weeks numbers.

So yes, that’s what I would do 😉

If you still want help to make it happen with YOUR body, sign up for our test drive or just send me a personal e-mail: Travis@RowlettTransformationCenter.com


In Health and Awesomeness,

Travis Merritt, BS, CPT, (and other letters behind the name) is the Owner of Rowlett Transformation Center in Rowlett, TX.

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