Jeep Wrangler Chest Press

Rowlett Personal Trainer Jeep Chest Press
Good ol' Jeep Presses


I wanted to change things up a bit this weekend and instead of posting up a training article I figured that I would showyou some of the fun things that we do in our workouts. I know that the word “fun” can be subjective, but I still think its pretty cool.

Sometimes at the end of  a workout I’ll want to do something a bit different so the last few weeks my partner and I have been using his Jeep for some of our exercises. For those of you who are just now reading this blog may be surprised by that but for those of you who know me probably aren’t surprised at all. Now to those clients that I have that are reading this they are probably just shaking their heads thinking “Oh my trainer is crazy”… well maybe a bit 😉

With these videos and pictures I could slip into trainer mode and go into some various physiological reasons on why pushing a car with gymnastic rings are good for stabilizers, primal movement patterns or instability training but honestly though what fun is it to workout so hard all the time and not be able to do some cool fun things once in a while 🙂



Check out what happened afterwards 😉
































Ahhh well sometimes s–t just happens


Honestly the only reason I put this up is just to showcase a bit of fun that happens here, come on its not everday that in your workout routine you have to push a car 😉



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Travis Merritt, BS, CPT, CES, RBT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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