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Travis Merritt

Trainer. Nerds. Animal Lover.
I guess if I had to sum us up in a few words, those would be the words I'd choose, but I'll do my best to tell you a bit more about RTC (Rowlett Transformation Center).

RTC isn’t your typical gym; well, in fact, I wouldn’t even classify us as a gym but more of a small studio where people go to get into the best shape of their lives.

We’ve taken a liking to coaching those that are in their 30s, 40s and early 50s to get in the best shape of their life because WE GET IT.

Maybe this sounds like you…
You grew up and realized that becoming an adult was a trap! Why didn’t we just take our parent’s warning? As you got older, you started having kids, got a mortgage, and other ‘adult’ responsibilities. What you also noticed was that your body changed, your recovery took longer, injuries happened easier, and life seems more chaotic, but all the while, you still think/feel that you are in your 20s.

It’s a bit of a weird time in your life when your mind hasn’t caught up to your body. You now suffer from food hangovers. Weird, right? What you did in high school or your 20s just won’t work anymore. Now you have to be smarter; you have to pay attention to food, pay attention to calories (you know, those tiny creatures that sew your clothes a bit tighter each night), and find an exercise that does not hurt your joints. But, with smarter training and nutrition comes BETTER results.

Here at RTC, it’s always awesome to see people walk out of their workouts and, over time, have lost 50, 80, or even over 200lbs (not a typo). It’s a blast helping clients get in better shape at 46 than they were at 26, training women to compete in their first competitions, and help people get in shape for photo shoots or even grandmothers compete in powerlifting competitions. Overall we are people; just like you; we have families we love, friends that we care about, and lives just like you, except we just happen to love coaching those people that are ready to finally get in the best shape of their lives WITHOUT it feeling like work.

I’m not sure how you found us, but amidst all the other websites out there, you happened to stumble upon ours. We don’t know anything about you yet, but it’s readily apparent you’re off-the-charts intelligent if you made it this far 😉.

If all of this sounds good to you? Well, contact us for crying out loud… and let’s get this started!


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