My personal experience with skipping breakfast (pics included)

Breakfast sucks

I’ve said it once and I’ll continue to beat this in the ground that for fat loss eating upon waking up does not work for you trying to lose body fat.

I’ve even argued that eating every 3-4 hours isn’t necessary for fat loss either.

I know that this may go against a lot of main stream fitness media but hey if all that really worked we would see alot more lean gym rats than bloated puff balls with muscle.

This blog is really just to document my personal experience with skipping breakfast and just taking a break from eating on occasion.


Breakfast sucks

Month 1

Here is my back before I started this journey. Why am I taking progress pics of my back? Well to be honest my back is where I will see any progress first so this would be best and quickest way to asses this new style of eating.

In this pic was eating a typical bodybuilder style of eating at this point consuming 5-6 meals a day or eating every two to three hours working out 5 days a week with only two days of cardio. You can see that I do have some foundation there but not really any clean details or lines.

This was especially frustrating to me at this point in time because I lived by my meals and the clock, so it was ALWAYS on my mind. I’m sure some of you can relate to this.

In fact it’s the frustration that led me to take this step into this new style of eating.



Month 3:

I had to admit I was a bit surprised by this pic because all I did different was just skip breakfast by not eating until 1pm every day and after ANY heavy cheat day or party night (even trainers have lives) I would fast until dinner only drinking copious amounts of water.

So to see this amount of progress without significantly decreasing my calories or increasing my cardio, which is normally what I would have to do to look like this, even caught me a bit off guard.

There are even lines in my upper traps, which are very stubborn in me trying to further develop, so needs less to say this had spurred on some additional motivation and some more tweaking to the dieting.





Month 5:

I have to say this pic surprised me as well… again.

At this point in time the only changes that I made, in conjunction to my previous style, was adding in 2 sessions of HIIT cardio and virtually getting rid of ALL processed foods.

Now at this point in time I did still have my cheat days, where I would consume processed foods, and party nights but continued to fast until dinner and drink plenty of water after the day of debauchery.

What I noticed is that when I did this my body was better able to handle and tolerate the puffiness of bad foods and by the end of the day on my fast day I looked like I never even deviated away from my dieting.

In fact what was even cooler was I’m able to add in more carbs to my diet and still maintain THIS look year around with VERY LITTLE CARDIO (only about two days a week).



What I like

Honestly being able to maintain a pretty lean body fat year around and till make muscle and strength gains is one of the myths of the physique world. Most will think that to gain muscle you need to gain a bit of fat and you can’t gain muscle why maintaining a level of body fat where you still have abs.

I can say that is crap.

There is a new movement going on in the exercise world that you will see catch on soon and that is meal timing is crap and skipping breakfast is the first step in fat loss.

To me it’s quite nice being lean, getting stronger and being able to have cheat meals more often.

Side note: I did NOT change my routine in any way, I still followed a progressive overload principles.  If anything I added some muscle and I indeed did get a lot stronger.


Starting on Monday…

What I recommend to everyone is to delay your first meal as long as possible, working your way up to having you first meal as a late lunch.

It may throw you off for a few days but I can promise you’ll soon adapt to it and prefer it that way.

Even in my new FREE report I have you delay your first meal as long as possible and this is one of the keys in helping you lose all that swelling, bloat and nasty.

When all of that is gone is makes getting leaner MUCH easier to lose fat AND keep off.

So try it out. Skip breakfast, or at least delay it as long as possible, and in about a week you’ll notice that you’ll be leaner and feel so much better.










In Health and Awesomeness,

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Travis Merritt, BS, CPT, CES, RBT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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