4 Parts to a Successful Fat Loss Program

Part 1:  NUTRITIONAbs are made in the kitchen - Fitness Revolution Rowlett


Nutrition – No matter how many times I say this sometimes it still doesn’t through to peoples head,

You can NOT out train a bad diet” Believe me I’ve tried, so your nutrition should be FIRST in your program.

Side Note: For more info on nutrition check out the Gluten Blog, Intermittent Fasting Part 1 and Part 2



You only regret the workout you did not do - fitness revolution rowlettPart 2 = LIFESTYLE


Lifestyle – True fat loss isn’t just going to the gym 5 times a week and then pigging out on the weekends, it’s a lifestyle choice and this may require some sacrifices during the weeks.

Going to a barbeque? You’ll probably be sticking to the chicken breast and the asparagus.

Going out? You’ll need to skip the dessert.

I could go on all day but you get my point.

I can tell you that you’ll NEVER regret not eating that piece of cake. You’ll NEVER regret doing that extra workout last night and you will NEVER regret the results you’ll get from living this lifestyle.

When the time comes and your out at the beach you’ll only regret not living the lifestyle harder.





Strength Training – By far strength training ALONE is MUCH greater that cardio ALONE when it comes to losing body fat. As you may know already muscle has a higher metabolic effect than body fat and muscle that is working has even HIGHER metabolic effect than that! Its increases the metabolism dramatically when you body has to repair a muscle from a hard workout session. Getting the idea here?


Part 4 = CARDIO


Cardio – Unless you’re one of those RARE genetically gifted individuals that are walking around with 5% body fat year around (by the way I hate you) majority of people that you see with a solid set of abs had to do cardio… and probably lots of it.

Trainer John Romaniello said it best “Cardio is like ketchup, it makes everything better”

Over the past several years I’ve really dived into the cardio conundrum, and I’ll break down the most common types of fat loss cardio for you.


Cardio Workouts that shed fat - Fitness Revolution Rowlett1 – Metabolic Resistance Training – I’m a big fan of this style of training and I implement it in ALL my clients training. The idea is simple in that you do a resistance training session in a way that challenges not only your strength but metabolism as well. Other words think of doing several exercises back to back, an example would be:

  • Power cleans
  • Front Squat
  • Bent Rows
  • RDLs
  • All back to back with no rest with the same weight

Another method to combine several exercises that don’t require you to use the same weight, one that I did today was:

  • Barbell Reverse Lunge 8 each leg
  • Standing Arnold Press 12 reps
  • Squat Jumps 20 reps
  • Hand Walk outs 8 reps
  • Only rest enough to move to the next station between exercises and rest 60sec between each set.

This is just an example because the combinations are endless but give it a shot and I promise that your heart will be racing!

2 – High Intensity Anaerobic Interval Training (sometimes called HIIT) – This is what I love to call sprint training. For an example of a workout for this type of training check out the link below

Fat Melting Workout on a Treadmill!? <==== Take a look


3 – Steady State Aerobic Training – This isn’t my favorite but it does have it place in fat burning. The goal of this one is simply to just burn calories. Examples of this are just 30min light jogs or brisk walks. Typically I’ll add this one when my client have had some pretty serious weight training sessions but still need to burn more calories to get more detail.



In Health and Fitness,




Travis Merritt, BS, CPT, CES, RBT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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