Skinny vs. Fit

Skinny vs. Fit Both are a size 2 Fitness Revolution Rowlett
Both are a size 2 and the girl on the right is 11lbs heavier at the same height, which do you want to look like?


Ok so I was just going to show this pic to make a statement that there is a difference between looking skinny vs looking fit and leave it at that… but I sometimes just can’t shut my damn mouth 😉

This is more of a rant than anything

I can’t tell you how many times that I hear women (I’ve had some men tell me this as well) that they just want to be skinny. Now I’ll say right now that if your one of those people that would rather look like the girl on the left (skinny) and not the girl on the right (fit) then your in the wrong place and just leave now before I make you mad.

Skinny is not hot, simple… its just skinny. (some of you may differ in that statement but like I said your in the wrong place then)

Here at Fitness Revolution Rowlett we focus on fit NOT skinny

In fact have you ever head of the term “skinny-fat”

skinny fat
See what I mean

This is where a person is what the masses consider a skinny individual but they are still composed of a moderate amount of body fat instead of lean muscle; they appear and feel ‘soft’. Give em a hug and it feels like hugging a cup of jello, not much there and what is there is just “jiggly”

A number of people that talk to be about being “skinny” just focus on that damn scale. In the fitness industry we don’t really use the scale as a determinate of fitness and health, the scale is just a tool of measurement, nothing else. What most trainers use is body-fat, typically lower levels of body-fat indicate a level of fitness (yes this can go the other extreme as well) . So its always ego blow when I do a body-fat test on a ‘skinny-fat’ person and inform them that they are considered average or in some cases overweight in body-fat terms. Not only that but those skinny fat people just don’t look healthy, they lack that natural glow that is given off by a fit body.

Side Note: I did a bodyfat test on a guy that was bragging to me how he doesn’t have to worry about weight because he is so skinny and felt that all he needed was to “shape-up” Well after I did his bodyfat test he was actually considered nearly overweight on a Jackson/Pollock caliper test (this is just a type of bodyfat scale that is most commonly used in the fitness industry) . This actually got him quite pi$$ed off at me lol. I had to explain to him that the scale doesn’t’ measure fitness, just weight, and weight isn’t always the best indicator of health/fitness. 

So for those people who just think that getting “skinny” will solve their problems and they will look hot may be mistaken. What they will probably see is that they will look the exact same only a 10lbs smaller version of themselves and still soft. You can see the women in the pic to the left is skinny but by no means fit… for most readers of this blog I’m sure they don’t consider that “hot”.

A fit body puts off a natural healthy glow; hair looks shinier, skin is more taunt over over muscles and doesn’t have a “swollen” of puffy look to it, eyes are brighter and mood just seems a bit more uplifted.  Trust me I’ve been around plenty of “skinny” people that don’t fit that bill in health.

So to all those people that think skinny is the new sexy you are wrong my friend, I encourage you to pick up some weight and a protein shake and get your fitness on!

This quote below about sums it up…

Skinny looks good in cloths, but FIT looks good NAKED.


In Health and Fitness

Travis Merritt




Travis Merritt, BS, CPT, CES, RBT is the owner of Fitness Revolution in Rowlett, TX.

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