If I had No Equipment What Would I Do – 17 Steps

I’m luckier than most; I’m aware of this. I have a home gym AND a full studio gym to myself, so access to equipment or trying to obtain any isn’t an issue for me during the quarantine, but whenever I work with someone that has ZERO and I mean ZERO equipment I always put myself in their shoes and think…

“What if I had to lose 20lbs, gain some muscle at home with no equipment?”

Now, these are the things I would do, realize that some of these may work and others may not work for you. Take what you will, and hopefully, this helps.

  1. Start with a couch to 5K program. We have one HERE in our Free Help Kit you can download
  2. Set a goal to sweat for 1 hour each day.
  3. Follow IF (intermittent fasting) and not eat until 1 pm and stop eating at 7 pm each day. (side note if you have autoimmune or hormonal issues such as a thyroid issue you will want to talk to your Dr first)
  4. Focus on eating 3 complete meals a day composed of protein, LOTS of veggies (about 2 cups per meal), and potatoes or rice.
  5. I would learn HOW took cook.
  6. Go to bed at 9 pm each night – this will help curb the late-night snack habits.
  7. On the days that my couch to 5K ended in under an hour then walk until I hit 60min of activity.
  8. In between my coach to 5K days I would walk for about an hour listening to an audiobook
  9. I would look on Amazon or Facebook market place for flat bands or a pair of 20lb dumbbells or a suspension trainer. I know I wouldn’t find these anytime soon, but it would take me to the next level.
  10. Give myself ONE refeed meal (think cheat meal) every 5lbs of fat I lose. This could take about 2-3 weeks.
  11. My cheat meal would be composed of MORE starchy carbs and something fatty, NOT sugary. A fatty steak with lots of sweet potatoes :-P.
  12. I would only give myself 90min for my cheat meal to keep it from lasting all day (hey, I know myself)
  13. 3-4xweek I would do the following exercises: Push up variations (hands close, wide, staggered, etc…), squat variations (fee close, wide, toes out, etc..), lunge variations, V-ups, planks, spending 1min on each exercise until I complete 5 rounds of each exercise.
  14. I would add one round every 2-3 workouts until I could complete 10 rounds.
  15. If, after a few weeks, I couldn’t find reasonable equipment, I would make my own suspension trainer via YouTube (HERE) for under 20$ and find or make something secure to anchor it too. A tree or mounting a handicap railing on the wall. (Extreme? When it comes to your health and your sanity, no)
  16. Stretch daily, but alternate between upper body focused, and lower body focused stretching.
  17. Track my measurements each Sunday Morning – This would keep me from eating like crap on Saturday, knowing I had to step on a scale in the morning.

I know that if I followed these steps each day, I would WITHOUT a double lose 15+lbs in 6-8 weeks and would see a noticeable difference in muscle tone and strength.

Also, I would just mentally and emotionally feel better.

Again.. this is just what I would do 🙂


In Health and Awesomeness,
Travis Merritt, BS, CPT, (and other letters behind the name) is the Owner of Rowlett Transformation Center in Rowlett, TX.

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