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If I had to start over

Knowing what I know now… if I had to start over, make a total body transformation, lose at least 20lbs, gain/keep some muscle, and wanted

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5 Weeks of Tracking

So if you’ve been following along with my tracking journey, you know I’ve now completed 5 weeks of tracking. I wanted to show you what

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21 Days of Food Tracking

In a previous blog, I wrote about my personal results over tracking my food over the course of 14 days (you can read about those

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2020 About Kicked My…

Like many people, 2020 whipped up on me for a period of time. The lockdowns, the quarantine, and the new rules for how the world

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Cheat Meals

I want to piggyback off my previous post HERE, where we discussed the person who was eating 900 cals but not losing any weight and,

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