The Best Looking Legs I Have Seen Did This

Do You Want Great Legs - The best looking legs I Have seen did this - Rowlett Transformation Center

To build a set of amazing legs or an amazing a$$, you have to get those body parts to do amazing things in the gym. They need to have amazing workouts.

20lbs hip thrust is not enough to build a round, firm booty
3 sets of 10 squats with a 30lb bar is not enough to build great legs.

When someone has built a great body part, that body part can do great things in the gym. As a coach who has built many amazing sets of legs, each of those legs all were able to accomplish at least Level 1, but most Level 2 numbers below.

Great Legs Levels Program

Barbell Squats – Any Bar

Level 1

  • Men: 75% BW x5
  • Men: 55% BW x15
  • Women: 65% BW x3
  • Women: 60% BW x15

Level 2

  • Men: 130% BW x3
  • Men: 100% BW x10
  • Women: 115% BW x3
  • Women: 90% BW x15

Level 3

  • Men: 155% BW x5
  • Men: 105% BW x20
  • Women: 125% BW x3
  • Women: 100% BW x20

Barbell Deadlift (Any Style)

Level 1

  • Men: 90% Bdwt x5
  • Women 70% Bdwt x5  

Level 2

  • Men: 150% Bdwt x5
  • Women 120% Bdwt x5

Level 3

  • Men: 175% Bdwt x3
  • Women 120% Bdwt x3

Barbell Hip Thrust

Level 1

  • Men: 100% BW x10
  • Women: 100% BW x10

Level 2

  • Men: 125% BW x20
  • Women: 125% BW x20

Level 3

  • Men: 175% BW x20
  • Women: 150% BW x20

Barbell Lunge

Level 1

  • Men: 50% BW x10/leg
  • Women: 50% BW x10/leg

Level 2

  • Men: 85% BW x10/leg
  • Women: 75% BW x10/leg

Level 3

  • Men: 105% BW x10/leg
  • Women: 90% BW x10/leg

Side note: These are SOME of my standards (not gospel) for building a great set of legs. When it comes to creating a total body transformation, there are more metrics I build into a person’s workout.

Let’s say you weigh 155lbs pounds what do you think your legs/body will look like if they can do some of the following:

  • Weighted Squats 155lbs x 10
  • Sumo Deadlift 205lbs x 5
  • Weighted Walking Lunge 135lbs x 10/leg
  • Chin-ups x5
  • Chest-to-floor push-ups x 10
  • 1 mile run sub 9min
  • 50 Cal bike sprint under 3min

If your legs/body can do some of those numbers, it will look VERY different! There is no question in my mind that if your body can do these things, your body will be leaner, more toned, athletic, and shapely.

Do you want great legs? Start working on achieving some of those numbers.

It will be hard, you will be challenged, and in some workouts, you’ll be lying on your back, feeling like your heart is beating out of your chest, questioning your life decisions, but DAMN… the results are SO worth it.

And if you’re looking for something more tailored to your goals, we’re here to help. You can take a look at our Personal Training Programs HERE or click the Get Started button below to book a free chat with our expert coaches!

Much love,
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