Your 2 Simple Choices to Lose Fat… Fast

Want to Lose Fat?

So you want to lose fat?  Well, there are only two ways to do it.

  • One. Eat Less
  • Two. Move More

That’s it.

So, how do you know which to do?
Do whatever is easier for you.

If eating less is easier, then eat less.
Or if moving more is easier, then move more.

Heck, you can do a bit of both!

Whichever you pick, stick it out for two weeks, take your measurements, and adjust from there.

If you are not losing fat, then take your pick of eating less or moving more.

If you are maintaining your weight, it’s the same as above.

If you are losing weight, then you found a sweet spot.

Ride it out.

Rinse and repeat every two weeks. You will get you there; you got this.

I’m more biased in that I like people to move more; teaching ourselves always to live a life of eating less and less food just feels like a life of deprivation, and that just sucks.

In Health and Awesomeness,
Travis Merritt, BS, CPT (and other letters behind the name) is the Owner of Rowlett Transformation Center in Rowlett, TX.
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