My best tips for eating less

One of the biggest culprits of weight gain is eating out of boredom. You’re sitting on the couch watching TV, playing on your phone, or doing whatever, and without realizing it, you’ve gone to the kitchen and pick up something to snack on.

Nothing big, just some chips or some of your kid’s snacks… but next thing you know, you’ve downed half the bag of chips or a sleeve of Oreos before you ever realize it and your 800 calories in.

Has that ever happened?

It makes you mad at yourself sometimes when it does.

Let me share something that I coach to my RTC members when trying to lose their first 20lbs or their last 10lbs.


Especially if you’re a boredom eater.

During the Texas shelter at home order back in March, when we had to shut down the gym, I knew that if I didn’t stay busy, not only would I go slightly crazy, but I would also eat… and man can I eat.

I’m the boredom eater.

So I HAD to find ways to keep myself busy, and for me, that was woodworking.

It got me out of the kitchen/living room and kept me mentally engaged so much that I would NOT stack at all; in fact, I would eat WAY less.

I guess when your working with spinning sharp metal objects, it forces you to focus lol.

I encourage you to do the same thing; keep busy.

Find something that engages physically and mentally so much so that you forget about snacking.

This can be focusing on your kids, doing home improvement, playing a new sport or instrument, art, yard work, doing a hobby or picking up a new hobby, etc.

It doesn’t matter what you choose but find something that you enjoy, something that engages you mentally and get lost with it.

I’ve had some members take up rock climbing; some would focus on having a beautiful yard, others would start a business, some worked out more, some would do activities with their kids or spouse. I even had one who got into competitive video games with his son and now travel for video game competitions. LOL

But, each one that kept themselves busy ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS lost more weight without trying because out of default, they ate less food.

It doesn’t matter what you do but find something that keeps you physically and mentally busy.

You’ll find that when you do this, you won’t think about food as often, you’ll snack less, and you’ll enjoy life even more getting lost in activities that you love.

Stay busy my friends 😉



In Health and Awesomeness,
Travis Merritt, BS, CPT, (and other letters behind the name) is the Owner of Rowlett Transformation Center in Rowlett, TX.

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