Cheat Meals

I want to piggyback off my previous post HERE, where we discussed the person who was eating 900 cals but not losing any weight and,

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The 5am Workout

The 5am Workout…It takes a special kind of person to wake up and workout that early in the morning. It’s a combination of discipline and

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Finding Your Perfect Gym

I hope you read over the last blog I wrote about what type of person you are (if you missed it, read it HERE), and

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Which One of These is You?

Below, I’ve listed 10 types of people that I most commonly chat with when it comes to helping them decide on the best option on

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If I had to start over

Knowing what I know now… if I had to start over, make a total body transformation, lose at least 20lbs, gain/keep some muscle, and wanted

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